How To Backup And Restore My Website

Within this section of our 'Joomla How To' we will be covering how to take backups of your website and how to restore your website from a backup. We will be covering two options which are available to everyone.

The two backup options:

  • Akeeba Backup - Joomla extension which takes a backup of your website and database
  • Restoring an Akeeba Backup '.jpa'
  • Manualy Backup - We will take a backup of the database and files manually
  • Restoring a Manual Backup (both database and website)

With each option above we will outline the process of restoring your website for each of the above. In total there are six articles to read, two for making the backup using the different options above and another two articles on how to restore your website with the two options.

Article table of contents:

Backup Regime

Making sure that you have regular backups is very important, if you get hacked and don't have a regular backup you could find yourself paying a lot for so called Joomla Experts to 'de-hack' your website. If you have a backup restoring your website is a lot quicker to do and wont cost you the 'Earth'. Restoring your website from an earlier backup DOESN'T make your website secure and the possibilities that you get hacked again will still be there, you will need to update all of your extensions immediately and security precautions in place to prevent the 'hacker' from 'walking straight back in'.

You should always make backups of your website, we would recommend making backups weekly, at a push monthly (depending on how often your website changes).

Just because you keep your server secure and your software up to date you may have been exploited yesterday, ready to be hacked tomorrow.
Brian Teeman

We take backups of all our Hosting and Retained Contracted Support clients at least once a week, some even more. In the event that one of our clients gets 'hacked' at most they will only lose 1 weeks worth of data which is far better then losing months worth.

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