De-hack my Joomla powered website

Many webmasters wake up in the morning to find that Google is listing their website as 'being compromised' - according to Google, 6,000+ websites get blacklisted each day. No one wants their potential clients seeing 'This site may be compromised' or 'This site may harm your computer', your business is out there to make money - not lose it because hackers 'got bored' and decided to hack your website - potentially costing you hundreds, if not thousands in revenue. For this reason we offer a number of de-hacking services which will get your website de-hacked in less than 24 hours and a report to Google* telling them that your website is clean and they can remove the blacklisting status for you website.

Joomla in-situ de-hack

An in-situ de-hack is the first of two de-hacking services which can get your website de-hacked in under 24 hours. This service is best utilised for webmasters that are 'in over their head' and don't know what to look for. Many of times we have been retained to de-hack a website where the webmaster has tried to remove the hacker files but the files just get put back a couple of hours later.

Joomla in-depth de-hack

If your website has been compromised and you have had other developers attempt to de-hack your website - this service is designed for you. Because other developers have attempted to de-hack your website and they haven't succeeded, we assume that the hack is more 'in-depth (hence the service description)' and requires more involvement to get your website de-hacked, but we still offer our de-hack guarantee and aim to have your website de-hacked within 24 hours.

De-hack my website - the process

Over the years we have built up a working process that allows us to guarantee all of our de-hacking services, this process is outlined as follows

  • We de-hack your website in under 24 hours
  • If logs are available we find out how the hackers got in
  • If logs aren't available we correctly enable logging for future use
  • We secure the site against further exploitation
  • We install our 'Hacker Beware' security tool to further harden your defences
  • We will then re-scan your website seven days after to confirm that your website is still de-hacked
  • We will then re-scan your website 30 days after the initial de-hack

If for what ever reason your website is hacked during those 30 days - we will de-hack your website for FREE and the re-scan process starts again.

Disclaimer - If you have outlined that only one website has been hacked and in-fact you have multiple within the same web-space - all progress will cease until the additional websites can be resolved.

* A report to Google will only be sent it Google displays any of the following messages under your listings within Google search results.

  1. This site may be compromised
  2. This site may harm your computer