Please note that our documentation is being reviewed due to the release of DMC Firewall for WordPress. The following documentation was written for Joomla! so some of the information will not apply to DMC Firewall for WordPress.

DMC Firewall - Where can I get it?

You can get DMC Firewall (Core or Professional) from our Joomla Extensions area of our site.

DMC Firewall Core version is free for everyone and always will be. However, the Professional version is commercial and requires a Firewall Pro or Deluxe membership in order for you to download it. You are able to take out a Firewall Pro or Deluxe subscription out via our Subscription page. At present we offer three (3) subscription levels and they include:

  1. Support - 7 days support
  2. Firewall Pro - This gives you access to the professional version of DMC Firewall and gives you one (1) years worth of updates
  3. Deluxe - This allows you to one (1) year of updates to all of our commercial add-ons

Check out or Version Compatibility chart to see if our extensions will work with your version of Joomla! and your server environment.