Pay-as-you-go Joomla Support

We offer ad hoc support to fix any Joomla problems or issues you might be encountering with your website. If you have not been able to find the fix online or on the Joomla forum we can help. Our pay as you go Joomla support is charged at £90 per hour and can be used for any problem you have, from template tweaks to blank pages or even the entire site has gone down.

If you have a Joomla problem or a website project that needs instant attention and you haven't secured an on-going or 'retained' Joomla support contract, then our 'pay as you go' support service is what you are looking for.

Common Joomla Support Tasks:

  • Blank pages
  • Only homepage displays, all other pages are blank
  • Page stops displaying halfway down
  • Articles will not save or apply
  • Joomla template tweaks
  • Cannot login to the administrator area
  • Joomla Password Reset
  • Struggling to configure new component
  • Template override to display article title as page title
  • On homepage do not display left - right column

Some specific services carry fixed fees while most others are simply a factor of the time used to solve them. We will advise you of the likely costs for any work when you contact us. Our standard hourly rate charges are listed in our service price guides.