How to create a Joomla article and link it to a menu item

Creating articles within Joomla is simple - you can create one within a couple of minutes and a couple of clicks!

First we will need to login to the administrator area of our website and navigate to 'Content -> Article Manager -> Add New Article'.

Click here to see how we navigate to the 'Add New Article' screen

Click here to see what is displayed when we are at the 'Add New Article' screen

As you can see it is all straight forward and simple, you have a couple of mandatory fields and optional fields.

List of mandatory fields that need content

  1. Title
  2. Category
  3. Article Text - see note below
Depending on the version of Joomla that your website is using - the 'Article Text' can be left blank!

In this example we will use the following information for our new article:

  • Title: About Us
  • Category: - Uncategorised (we will change this later)
  • Article Text: 'This is our About Us page!'

Click here to see the article fields filled in

Once you have filled in the above fields, click the 'Save & Close' button located in the top right corner. When the article gets saved you will be redirected to the main article view which will list our newly created article.

Click here to see the 'Article Manager' with our new article

That step is now complete and the article has been saved within our website, all that is left to do now is to create a 'Menu Item' so that our visitors can browse to the 'About Us' page easily.

Link our Joomla article to a Menu Item

In order to create a menu item for our article, we need to navigate to our menu - the one that we used for our Menu module. For us, we used our 'Main Menu' so we will need to add a new menu item to that menu. We need to navigate to 'Menus -> Main Menu -> Add New Menu Item'.

Click here to see how we navigate to the 'Add New Menu Item' item

Click here to see the 'Add New Menu Item' screen

Again, some fields are mandatory and need to be filled in before you are able to save the menu item and have it displayed within the front-end of your website. They are:

  1. Menu Item Type
  2. Menu Title
  3. Menu Location - by default this will be the selected menu if you followed the navigation route
  4. Select Article - this option is within the right sliders titled 'Required Settings'

For our menu item we will use the following information:

  • Menu Item Type: Single Article (click the Select button and look for the 'Single Article' option)
  • Select Article - click the 'Select / Change' button, a pop-up will appear - select the 'About Us' article
  • Menu Title: About Us

Click here to see the pop-up modal when we click the 'Select / Change' button

When we have selected our article and entered the above information we will then click the 'Save & Close' button located in the top right corner.

We can then visit our front-end, refresh the page and we should see our new 'About Us' menu item. Simply click the 'About Us' menu item and wait for our 'About Us' article content to be displayed.

Click here to view the front-end with our new menu item

Click here to see our 'About Us' page