Internet Explorer 6&7 (IE6,IE7) Must Die

We no longer build websites that support IE6, IE7

Sorry people, but the time has come where we tell you the worst kept secret on the web:

Internet Explorer version 6 & 7 are evil - pure and simple (and IE8 is getting that way). We don't even allow IE6 to view this website in a bid to make them understand that IE6 is dead.

There we've said it. By continuing to use these browsers years after their useful life is over you are placing an intolerable burden upon people in our profession. Please stop.

We at Web Development Consultancy Services will no longer support these browser on *any* of our own websites (If IE8 is a must an additional fee WILL be charged).

We shall recommend clients also cease - but of course this is a recommendation only - final say will be theirs, we serve our clients after all. Please continue reading this article for a full explanation why we have taken this decision and what you should (in our opinion) do next if you are still using any of these browsers.

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Sean Clement Joins

Some of our clients will already have been introduced to Sean the newest member of the DMConsultancy team. Sean joined us last Monday (July 4th) and has already made quite an impact in the office. He's paired up with most members of the team to work on the varied challenging projects that we have on-going at the moment. In particular his input on a couple of de-hacking jobs has already been instrumental in identifying hacker activity.

Sean will be taking on client management duties for a number of our retained support clients.

Sean is 22 and has returned to the Morecambe and Lancaster area (West coast of UK) following a move away to Grimsby (on the East Coast of the UK) a few years ago.

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Ubuntu 11.04 Mouse and Keyboard Issues

If like myself you have upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu, you may have also noticed that the keyboard and mouse do not work, you have to bang the mouse or press keys down several times for them to work.

I've found a work around for now and have posted this on the Ubuntu forum.

If you have a zombie process running then you need to 'kill it' ( for this you will need a command-line terminal ), below is the command line code you need to do this. Until Ubuntu is upgraded or someone else finds a permanent fix, you will have to do this each time you start your machine.

kill -HUP `ps -A -ostat,ppid,pid,cmd | grep -e '^[Zz]' | awk '{print $2}'`

Ubuntu 11.04 Mouse and Keyboard Fix

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